A money-back guarantee

By providing top-quality service, we ensure that you only pay for the assignments that meet your expectations. If anything goes wrong with your task and we cannot fix it, we will give your money back. 

Pay for assignments without worries: How our money-back guarantee works

As a reliable helper with assignments, we make sure that every student gets exactly the project they ask for. If any errors occur in your task, we can correct them on your request (the service is called Free revisions). You can also get your money back in a number of cases. 

If you want to cancel your order, we will give your money back as long as the expert hasn’t started working on your assignment. If your task is already in progress, we can only provide partial compensation for cancelling it. 

Issuing top-quality assignments is a must for our specialists, but if you don’t like how we’ve completed your order, contact us via any convenient communication channel and share your concerns. We will investigate your case and decide on the amount of compensation. In the rare case your order is delivered past the deadline, we will also compensate you for the inconvenience. However, more than 97% of all orders arrive to students on time, which makes us a reliable company to work with. 

At ProAssignmentHelper, our job is to keep you happy with the quality of our services. So if you don’t like anything about your project, just inform us about the problem, and we will make it up to you. Our support specialists are always ready to fix whatever happens to your task.